Petraglia, Angelo

Clubs: North Melbourne, Footscray

Italian Connection: Father and mother Italian-born

DOB: June 3, 1963 - current

North Melbourne Football Club (five games, five goals 1984); Footscray Football Club (49 games, 56 goals 1984-89). Ex-The Basin

Originally zoned to North Melbourne, Petraglia plied his craft in the the thirds under then coach Denis Pagan before elevation to senior level at Arden Street. Unfortunately the arrival of the Krakouer brothers limited Petraglia's senior opportunities and he was subsequently given his marching orders.

After a brief but successful period playing for Gary Bryce's Port Melbourne, Petraglia was drafted to Footscray and quickly emerged as a hard-running on-baller sharing the midfield with the likes of Brian Royal and Tony McGuinness.

In the end, Petraglia suffered a knee injury and, amid the uncertainty of Footcsray's touted merger with Fitzroy, gave the game away at the tender age of 26. 

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